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Model Railroad Structure Kits

Steve Depolo's Milwaukee Road - layout. Photo of a bridge, a tall steel trestle crossing a gorge, atop concrete piers and abutments by C. C. Crow. This C. C. Crow photo appeared on cover of Mainline Modeler magazine.




IC 100 ft. Stone Engine House. Curiosity has captured three passersby who are peaking in the windows to see what is going on with Old Huffer, a retired Mike.

an orange stripe    Welcome to my web site! an orange stripe

    Like everything around me, the site is scratch-built too. Yep, I coded the whole thing myself, in XHTML. What the heck is that, you say? Some sort of strange language spoken by byte-twiddlers in cyberspace. I only mention this because it reflects my do it yourself philosophy, that carries over into my line of Hydrocal model railroad structure kits and castings. I've done them all myself from scratch, too.

    You won't find any cheap plastic stuff. You won't find any machines cranking them out, or rumors of some poor third-world sweatshop employing child labor. I'm the only poor fool here! Slaving away just for you day and night. No, actually, I just love to build models, especially structure models, and as long as I was doing it, I figured maybe you'd like to have one too.

    You will find I offer a full line of some of the finest Hydrocal castings and craftsman structure kits, mostly in HO scale, some in O and a little in S. Sorry, but I do not support N-scale (it's just too small) or G-scale (guess why), other than suggesting that some of my stock pannels could be used and pointing you towards my How 2 on-line clinics.

    All the work... well, I do job a few of the detail parts out, but I, me, C. C. Crow, does 99 percent of the work, from designing and creating the hand-scribed patterns (no plastic embossed bricks!) and precisely assembled masters, making the silicone rubber molds, mixing the plaster(pure White Hydrocal), pouring it, packing them up with parts and carefully written instructions-

    Yep, I pretty much do the whole thing down here in the basement on Marine View Drive in Chennault Beach, in Mukilteo (which we are told means "good camping place" in the local native American's dialect, but somehow the local politicians have turned into "good taxing place!"), just north of beautiful, even if it is raining (and the Seahawks are loosing, Mariners, Huskies... ) Seattle, Washington.

an orange stripe     SPECIAL NOTICE an orange stripe


Time to go. I can't afford to live in the Seattle area anymore. This won't be easy nor quick. But I hope to be back up and running by this fall. Meanwhile feel free to look, and check out my How 2 clinics. See you soon!

My new company logo.

  BUILDERS IN SCALE   moved into my shop September 1st, 2002.

Builders In Scale was founded by Jim Haggard of Aurora, Colorado in 1984 and features a combination of Hydrocal, white metal and laser-cut craftsman structure kits as well as an extensive line of scratch building modeler's supplies and detail parts. We think it a wonderful fit and both lines will prosper.

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To make room I am forced to cut back on my Hydrocal offerings.

The production of my Concrete Series and Fractured Stone Series items is very limited.

Please check     Current Availability CCC Stocks    

If you really really need something shown not available perhaps I can find it for you. Send me an e-mail.

My plan is to continue offering many of my classic kits (in rotation) as listed as well as offer many new and exciting
C. C. Crow kits, more as limited run kits probably once a year.

Sorry this has made such a mess of my earlier plans and announcements. I hope you understand.

Meanwhile, several years later... Builders In Scale has taken up much of my time but I think you will agree it's of mutual benefit. Not only have I brought back all of the BIS line but I have added many new branches and LaserWood kits, with many more to come. Under the C. C. Crow line I have enhanced many of the old kits adding laser-cut technology and white metail details, and I am finishing up a masterpiece, actually two of them in On3, The Durango and The Gunnison Roundhouse kits. Simply amazing models.


E-MAIL:   C. C. Crow   biscrow@outlook.com

C. C. Crow   at   P. O. Box 1427   Mukilteo, WA 98275   USA

an orange stripe     Additional Notes on what I do, and don't do. an orange stripe

    Occassionally, I am asked if I sell my molds. The answer is NO, I do not. I only sell castings. Otherwise, I would have no control over their quality. Not that you could not do a good job, but others (you know the guy I'm talking about), they'd get in a hurry, use old Hydrocal, Plaster of Paris, mud... and we'd see all sorts of junk with my name on it sold at swap meets all over the place for a nickle a piece. I just don't want to do that. Besides, the way I make molds takes an hour or two and $30 worth of material- So, are you really going to buy a mold for what it is really worth? No matter the reasons, simply put, no, I do not sell my molds. Nor, but on rare exceptions, do I grant permission to others to commercially reproduce my patterns. Over the years I ahve had some bad experiences in this regard so it is no reflection upon you- It's just my policy. Read my HOW 2 articles and make your own.

    I'm also asked to sell seconds which for the same reasons I do not. These are not mass produced. These are not made in China. I've spent 20 plus years developing these castings and kits, polishing my reputation- Why would I sell junk at one tenth the price? If you want something from me you need to pay the full price for the good stuff.

    Currently, I am way behind! Just shy of not accepting any orders I really need to concentrate on the Durango Roundhouse project. The On3 kit is years overdue. And I haven't even touched the HO scale patterns. So for now and perhaps years to come be prepared to wait several weeks if not months for your casting order to arrive. I have some things on the shelf but others will need to wait their turn. I'm working seven days a week literally 9 a.m. to midnight- I can only do what I can do. Sorry to say casting a stone wall for you is not my highest priority. But give me some time and we'll get it done.

an orange stripe     Listed below are my many offerings. an orange stripe

    Just click on the title bar link and it will take you to those items.   Links are different colors like this.   You can go through the entire list in the order shown or you can easily return to the top of this list and choose again.

    On the product pages you will find complete descriptions of the kit along with a simple line drawing. If a color photo is available it will appear below. Similarly, if a floor plan, prototype reference photo or other information is available just click on the link and it will take you there.

    This is an open catalog, please note the   current availability   status listed on the sidebar. Items listed not available (N/A) are temporarily not in production. Unfortunately, I am just unable to keep them all going at once.

    These are some of the finest craftsman structure kits ever produced. They feature my original hand-rendered patterns with precise masonry details cast in white Hydrocal. There is no finer scale brick than this! No better stone. All efforts are taken to keep them reasonably bubble-free. I want you to be very happy with these. After all, my name is on them. These boast are what my customers tell me! So I must be doing something right. It's my pleasure to share them with you.

    Each kit comes with complete step-by-step instructions that will insure you not only of a great modeling experience but the most pleasing results as well.

    If you have never tried this type of kit before don't be afraid. May I suggest starting off with any of the smaller kits. They really are not that difficult to build and you will quickly learn that Hydrocal modeling really is GREAT FUN!

    And be sure to check out my on-line   HOW 2 CLINICS   .

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    Well, have fun and please come back often. I'll be adding new stuff all the time so mark this site as one of your favorites!




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