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Sidewall of DRGW 72 ft. brick Roundhouse pilot model.

The Denver & Rio Grande 72 ft. Brick Roundhouse in S Scale

    Listed below are my S scale craftsman structure kits.

      My first Sn3 structure kit!

    I've chosen to do the D&RG Roundhouse at Gunnison, Colorado. About two (three now) years ago I had the patterns all but done when some D&RG measured drawings surfaced I discovered my patterns were not right. I was off by 125 percent! Oops. As a result the kit was delayed.

    And further delayed when I purchased Builders In Scale.

    But finally now, the kit is in production! And it is turning out great!! Not only are we doing Gunnison, but with some slight modifications we can do Durango as well.

    Click on the links below to learn more about the details.

    Also, check out the scratch-building stocks. There are a few that will work in S scale, including my S-scale brick stock pattern, the one I spent 20 hours hand-scribing. You can have a copy for a few bucks and build whatever you want.

    I hope there will be more C. C. Crow S-scale structure kits in the future. They are a lot of fun to do. So much so, I did the first one twice!


    But let me know if you want one. If enough people sign up maybe we'll do another run. Send me an e-mail.


    Limited Run - S Scale    

    Future Kits - S Scale    

    Scratch-Building Stock Panels   


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