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Sidewall of DRGW 72 ft. brick Roundhouse pilot model.

The Denver Rio Grande & Western 72 ft. Brick Roundhouse in S Scale
with HO-scale to follow


    For the past twenty years my casting and kits have been available in an open catalog- all the kits, all the time (or most anyway). However, with the purchase of Builders In Scale, I'm now doing the job of three people (I know, I should hire some help). I've had to cut back, way back, on the offerings. And I am far behind on developing new projects. But they are coming along, be it very slowly-
    Here's what I'm working on--

  CARE TAKING a 97 yo   - So the big project is care taking my 97 year old father. Solo. I don't recommend it, especially during a pandemic. My siblings are spread far and wide so it's all on me. On the other hand, too many of the deaths were in nursing homes where you couldn't even go visit your loved ones. We were tipped off early as the first case in the US was treated up at my father's hospital. Followed by those first deaths in a local 5-star facility. No silly hoax here. While we avoided C-19 we still have 96 other problems, including... I'll save you the long list. And we really can't complain as things went pretty well until the fall of 2017. But at 97, he's requiring more and more attention. I've not been able to keep up. The remaining roundhouse kits have stalled. I can barely keep up with Builders In Scale. I almost catch-up and I'm pulled away on another care taking mission. I'm exhausted and prone to mistakes, don't or can't answer phone calls- so as of May 2021, NO NEW ORDERS. I'll work on some of those back orders as time allows. Maybe post some How 2 articles on care taking.

  SUGAR BEET FACTORY   - Before the pandemic I was working with a fellow in Colorado on a museum project for the one in Fort Morgan. Question was how do do a flat brick wall that's 3 feet long- That's a big chunk of plaster. But with repeating patterns. The seams would show. So I took another tact, how about just one seem? Yeah, my laser bed it only 24 inches. Yep, I laser-cut it. I'm only 2 inches off, two HO scale inches! Then the windows, hundreds of them, in three variations and those in pairs, and triples on the ends. Yikes. Modifying Grandt Lines would take forever. How about doing them in 8-layers with the laser, including built-in glazing. But what, there's more! It's kind of hot inside so let's open the windows. I know it's not Hydrocal (it could be, just make a mold), but holy cow this is cool. Sad thing is small local museums like this one are not likely to survive the pandemic. Good thing is I learned a lot doing this project. I challenge myself and the laser to see what we could do. So more models like this to come.

  SKY MASONIC LODGE   - Skykomish, Washington along the GN mainline. Working Bonnie, with a local historian with an eye for detail, she's modeling the interior! This in O scale. Similar to my NP Hotel. No kit (yet), but someday perhaps you will see it on display up at Sky.

  PARADISE CENTER   - Paradise, Montana, once a division point on the NP mainline halfway between Misoula and Spokane. I never knew they had a 20-stall roundhouse. A grant was provided by the NPRHA identifying my roundhouse kit which I have provided along with others, including two hotels, and I'm working on the depot. Unfortunately, with my father's health and other concerns I've not been directly involved but they are doing a great job with Jo's help.

  DURANGO CAR SHOP   - Another model I've developed in the background. Single stall but very very long. Laser etched inside and out. Who does that? The model is complete but with instructions to be developed, it too must wait. O scale, and sure, HO and S to follow.

  GUNNISON CAR BARN   - Glenn made me do it! Actually it's a pole barn. Two stall with board and batten siding. I've done it in 2D2D. What's that you say? Well, it's laser engraved on both sides. No building the frame on a template and awkwardly transferring it, why not just build it in place? O-scale but likely others. Another I must wait to release.

  LINKS BELOW   - Title links (green strip) above go nowhere (back to this page) while the one's below take you to additional information. As the above are possible future kits I've not developed those pages yet.

  D&RG DURANGO ROUNDHOUSE   - In HO. It only makes sense that I would do Durango in HO scale. Much of the work is already done, converting the O-scale laser files, window and door are done in white metal. I'm working on the Hydrocal wall patterns. All this in the background... No release date yet, as I have others to complete.

  RIDGWAY ROUNDHOUSE, 2nd Edition   -
Probably a mistake to do this but I've updated the Ridgway Roundhouse kit. Engine doors and roof are now laser cut with other major improvements including a full-sized layout tool. These are slowly being released by reservation.

  D&RG DURANGO ROUNDHOUSE   - After doing this model in S-scale, I decided I had to do it in O-scale too. A collaboration with Builders In Scale with laser cut roof panels, engine doors, windows and smokejacks, and my own hand-scribe brickwork. It doesn't get any better than this! Even if you don't model O-scale you should check this out.

  NP HOTEL at Easton, Washington   -
I've always loved this structure, shown in Charles Wood's NP Pictorial. I've brought it back to life with laser-cut walls, self-adhesive shake roof, cast stone foundation, brick chimneys, a ton of white metal details besides the Grandt Line doors, windows and porch railings- the works! NOW AVAILABLE!

Sorry this has been so long delayed, but I have slowly been making time to update and renew patterns and molds for several of my open catalog kits that have been unavailable for several years. The apple and fruit store houses will be available again shortly, with some of the others to follow. But note that this means some that are available now might have to rest. I've simply run out of room in my shop and cannot keep everything in production at all times.

I've had a number of inquires about this SOLD OUT kit. If there is enough interest we'll do a second run. Let me know if you are interested.

To be honest, the problem with my old Herringbone Brick pattern was it ran square to the edge. Good in some instances, however, in many cases such as NP station platforms the bricks run diagonally. Well, I've now done them diagonally. I've included stone curbs and offer them in 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 ft. widths. These panels are 8" in length and about 1/8" thick.

Sorry this too has been delayed. But we are working on it. All the wall patterns are done, we're working on the pits and floor. To be announced.

  FRYE MACHINING COMPANY   - April 1958 MR classic structure measuring 5" x 15", three-story pilastered brick with elevator shaft, boiler house and large chimney. Yes, it is taking me forever- Sorry it has been delayed. To be announced.

  NP ROUNDHOUSE - O scale   - This would be the ultimate structure kit. I haven't gotten very far with it, but everything is figured out (via the HO kit). Now all I have to do are the patterns! No problem, right?

  CONSTRUCTION ARTICLES   - See the full list of my published works as well as those in progress. I know, it's been a while since I last appeared in print.

  NP WOODEN STRUCTURES   - Hmm, let's see, what do you get if you combine my interest for the Northern Pacific, a bunch of standard plans, and a laser-cutter? That's right, structure kits! The NP had lots of wooden structures. Look for these in the future.


My new company logo.

Builders In Scale
is now owned and operated
by C. C. Crow!

Builders In Scale has been creating HO Scale (and others) craftsman structure kits, detail parts and supplies for 20 years under the careful guidance of Jim Haggard and his wife Jan.
Jim has decided to go back to school to earn his Ph.D. in order to become a marine biology teacher. So I've decided to purchase his company, move it here to Seattle and continue his effort, advancing it, and improving my own.

Builders In Scale offers such things as a wide variety of detail parts, scale figures, roofing materials, Venetian blinds, lace curtains, and even sea kelp! Besides offing their line of Evening Express structure kits BIS has released ten Limitied Edition kits (all sold out). We have continued with that effort by adding two EE kits, #615 The Ore Tipple and #616 The Mine Headframe, with many more to come. We are also wrking on the finishing touches of our next Limited Edition kit, No. 12 from Builders In Scale, The National Belle Mine. We think it is a wonderful match and are very excited about the future.

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Thus I am forced to cut back some on current C. C. Crow offerings. But there are still plenty of good ones to choose from. Please check
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Until further notice the production of most Concrete Series and Fractured Stone Series items is very limited.

If you really really need something perhaps I can find it for you. Send me an e-mail.

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