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C. C. Crow's IC 100 ft. Stone Engine House.
Curiosity has captured three passersby who are peaking in 
the windows to see what is up with Old Huffer, a retired Mike.

    Listed below are my HO scale craftsman structure kits.

    I'm very proud of them and just as pleased to share them with you.

    I suggest you go through the categories one-by-one starting at the top with my Classic HO Kits. There is a little story about each category as well as group photographs. You can click on them too, to take you to that model's description page.
    So, just click on the title bar and it will take you to those items.
  Links are different colors like this.     Or this.  
Or you can quick click on individual items. You can go through the entire list in the order shown or you can easily return to the top of this list and choose again.
    On the individual product pages you will find complete descriptions of the kit along with a simple line drawing. If a color photo is available it will appear below. Similarly, if a floor plan, prototype reference photo or other information is available just click on the link and it will take you there.
    This is an open catalog, please note the current availability status listed on the sidebar. Items listed not available (NA) are temporarily not in production. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep them all going at once.
    These are some of the finest craftsman structure kits ever produced. They feature my original hand-rendered patterns with precise masonry details cast in white Hydrocal. There is no finer scale brick than this! No better stone. All efforts are taken to keep them reasonably bubble-free. I want you to be very happy with these. After all, my name is on them.
    Each kit comes with complete step-by-step instructions that will insure you not only of a great modeling experience but the most pleasing results as well.
    If you have never tried this type of kit before don't be afraid. May I suggest starting off with any of the smaller kits. They really are not that difficult to build and you will quickly learn that Hydrocal modeling really is GREAT FUN!

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    Builders In Scale has moved into my shop.
In order to make room (and time) I've had to cut back on the availability of my Hydrocal castings and kits.

    Please check     Current Availability    

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Sept. 17, 2004
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April 5, 2005

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