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IC 100 ft. Stone Engine House.

    Listed below are shops
    who carry or will order C. C. Crow castings and kits

    Due to their limited nature my castings and kits are not mass marketed. They are not available through the Walther's catalog or other distributors. A limited number of hobby shops carried my line, however, as my attention has focused on Builders In Scale, and time consuming projects like the Durango/Gunnison O-scale model, there's not much out there anymore. It would be unfair to say your hobby shop doesn't care as I'm unable to currently supply them.

    Best check ahead for current availability.

    Hobby Shops Who Care    

    these shops carry lots of my kits

    Other Shops Who Care    

    these shops
    order my kits from time to time

    Hobby Shops Without Links    

    these shops
    order my kits from time to time
    but do not have web sites
    as far as I know

Let me know if you'd like for me to add a link.
Or if one is incorrect.



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Sept. 15, 2004
revised - CCC
Jan, 2, 2007


  C. C. CROW     P. O. BOX 1427      MUKILTEO, WA   98275   USA