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The Wolf Creek Saloon exterior view. A typical single story brick structure with a handsome face, painted white and accented with blue trim. There are two large windows with the door in the middle. Two guys are sitting outside on a bench talking. There are lots of colorful signs on the side of the building.

The Wolf Creek Saloon interior view. Full of tiny details, as you would expect to find inside a saloon.

    Listed below are my O scale craftsman structure kits.

        The Wolf Creek Saloon, as shown above, is SOLD OUT.

    As you can see I went absolutely nuts on the saloon. Not only did I produce a great exterior but I filled the saloon with all sorts of interior goodies. These are not off the shelf items. No, these are custom-built from all new patterns. Well, okay, the chairs are Keil Line and the doors are Grandt Line, but everything else is pure
C. C. Crow!

    That's not just a pool table, that's a billiards table, a large fancy one. And check out that bar. Everything you see (less the two guys outside) is included! Only 125 kits were produced and they have all sold out.


The Stone Cherry Packing House pilot model.

    My second O-scale kit, The Stone Cherry Packing House depicts a small warehouse commonly found in fruit growing regions such as central Washington. Of course you could convert it to other services on your railroad. The body is just 4" x 8" plus another 4" for the covered platform. The cedar shake roof is my cast Hydrocal so all the hard work is done for you! Just color and weather. Complete instructions and finishing tips are included. Again, this is a limited run of just 125 kits. SORRY- none are currently available.


Durango roundhouse side wall (S scale shown).

    We've already done it in S-scale, so now we'll do it in O! The ultimate narrow gauge model- And yes, we're doing a Gunnison version too. The patterns and molds are now complete and we are refining the details and complteing the pilot models with production to follow this fall.

    You can watch my progess as I post the various steps on line:     ROUNDHOUSE CONSTRUCTION    


    I am considering producing a grand masterpiece in O scale. How about the Northern Pacific's 90 ft. Brick Round House based on the First Class Standard Plan of 1910. Now that would be quite a model. 90 ft. in O-scale is 22-1/2 inches. Hold out your hands and imagine all the brickwork, the timber frame, roofing, engine doors, windows. Don't forget the inspection pits and floors! No promises yet, but if you want one let me know so I can gauge its feasibility. I'd really like to do it. It would be perhaps the ultimate model railroading structure kit!

    My plan is to produce about one O scale limited run kit per year. I've already got about a dozen ideas. I wonder what I'll come up with next? It should be fun.

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    Oh, and check out the scratch-building stocks.


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