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Mike Blazak drawings of Gunnison Roundhouse.

Sidewall of my pilot model.

Sidewall of my pilot model

Mike Blazak drawings of Gunnison Roundhouse.

Mike Blazak drawings of Gunnison Roundhouse

Stone side wall casting.

The Gunnison-style stone side wall casting


    My first S-scale kit (Sn3)!
    The Denver & Rio Grande - style
    72 ft. Brick Roundhouse!

    Time and again, Sn3 modelers have approached me with the plea, "When are you going to do something in S-scale?" Well, the wait is over, I've finally done my magic in 3/16" scale. And oh, what a model! The Denver & Rio Grande - style 72 ft. Brick Roundhouse!

    Originally, this started out as a model of Gunnison, Colorado which is an interesting mixture of brick, stone and wood frame. However, after making the side walls way to big, I realized that with a little more work we could also model Durango, and with a bit of modeler's liscense Salida (which was 80 ft.). I have still extended the length a few feet, from 67 ft. to 72 ft. (about an inch), to better accomidate your scale locomotive's needs. And come up with a great rendition of these classic structures.

    Our 72 foot roundhouse (13-3/8") is set back 96'-0" (18") from the turntable center with 13'-6" on center (2-17/32") stalls at the engine doors (allow for the 12 x 12 posts) and 23'-6" wide (4-13/32") rear walls. (Note this is shortened a bit from our previous announcements.) You could push them in a bit further if you absolutely had to, but I'm not recommending it. We've already narrowed the engine doors by a scale foot. The walls, roof and everything are carefully made to fit this plan precisely.

    If I get a little more information (photographs), I hope to do Durango's forman's office, store house and boiler house additions, but basically we are already there. I intentionally did steps in the side wall cap stones to match Durango, and everything else fits. By the way, if you have any detailed information you care to share on these structures, please do so NOW. Otherwise, don't complain that we didn't do it right!

    Five stalls are included in the basic kit, either all brick (Durango-style) or brick and stone (Gunnison-style), with additional stalls available, as well as optional extended wood frame stalls (adding 11'-6" (2-1/8") out the back, and
3 ft. in height (2 ft. high in Durango, after 1960)), 3 stall minimum, with extras (for Gunnison) available.

    The roundhouse features my hand-rendered scale brick cast in White Hydrocal, with my hand-carved stone for the Gunnison version's side wall, and same for foundations all around. The roof panels are laser cut and marked for rafter locations, with timber frame trusses. The engine doors are laser cut with working hinges. Oh, did I mention the inspection pits? We've got to have those (3).

    You'll want to built your roundhouse on a good firm base (not supplied): We recomend good quality 3/4" plywood, with 1/2" Homasote shimmed 1/4" (plywood) between. A stone foundation will skirt the cinder floor (Homasote) and can be buried (like Durango) or exposed (like Gunnison). The foundation and pits rest on the 3/4" plywood and the shimmed Homasote fills in as the cinder floor.

    Complete step-by-step instructions are included, written in English, by a model builder (me), as I was building the pilot model. Plan sheets and templates include location plans (Gunnison and Durango), elevations for all sides, roof and truss templates, and assorted details. Everything you need to construct your roundhouse.

    This is the model you've been asking for, dreaming about for years (sorry it took so long). A must have if you are a D&RG narrow gauge modeler, and perfect forthe free-lance modeler as well. If you are smart, you'll buy two, one for each end of your layout! This will be a very limited run.

    Price $440.00 for the basic five stall kit, plus shipping. Additional stalls are $60.00 each. Extended wood frame stalls are $180.00 for the first three, with each additional $60.00. The special price for doing all eleven stalls at Gunnison is $780.00. $720.00 for Durnago's 10 stall- which was seven brick, three extended.


    In order to make way for the On3 kit I've had to put this kit aside for the time being. It might be several years before we get back to it. But when we do most likely it will be improved. If there is enough interest we'll do the Durango version with greater accuracy and the attached buildings.

    Write to reserve if interested-

    E-mail:   C. C. Crow  

General plan of roundhouse.


General view of my pilot model under construction.

General view of pilot model under construction. My display model only has three stalls. Five are included with the kit, with more available.

Rear view of my pilot model under construction.

Rear corner view of pilot model.

One of the laser cut roof panels.

One of the laser cut roof panels with rafters applied.

Wood engine doors.

The engine doors are laser cut, with brass strapping applied.

Rear wall panel, brick.

Close-up of one of the rear wall panels showing brick detail.


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