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The Wolf Creek Saloon exterior view. A typical single story brick with a handsome face, painted white and accented with blue trim. There are two large windows with the door in the middle. Two guys are sitting outside on a bench talking. There are lots of colorful signs on the side of the building.

My Wolf Creek Saloon shown here in O-scale is a possible S-scale kit.

    Listed below are my thoughts on
    future S scale craftsman structure kits.

    For years you S-scale guys have been after me to do a Hydrocal kit for you. Very soon we'll have our first kit. And wow, what a kit, a DRG&W style roundhouse! Initially, it was delayed because of a mistake I made (I was holding the scale ruler backwards or something), and then further delayed because of my purchase of Builders In Scale (definately not a mistake!). But now it is almost here. I'm really happy with how it's turning out. It's a hybred, a combination of my Hydrocal skills with laser craft (something like witchcraft, only better). I've done some really neat stuff here. It's turning out much better than I had imagined.

    I'm also considering producing some generic structure kits like the Wolf Creek Saloon or some of my HO scale kits. I've been told there would be lots of interest in those. We'll see. Right now the roundhouse is no the table. If it goes well then I'm sure there will be more S-scale kits.



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