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Sidewall of my Sn3 pilot model.

Sidewall of my S-scale pilot model


the morning train out of Durango.

    After a bite to eat we head down to the Durango depot to catch a train to Silverton.

convention header.

        TUE. August 22, a train ride to Silverton    

the Durango depot.

    The first 500 registrants of the convention were treated to a train ride to Silverton. Thought it was set-up day I chose to skip the tradeshow and take the train ride. There were the familiar faces from home and far. When asked about what we were showing we joked that I had run out of time and were only displaying a single 1/4" scale brick, but it was very carefully modeled after an actual brick from the Durango roundhouse. Little did they know.

the Silverton train.

the Silverton train.

Glenn shows Mike his new little Nikon camera.

the Silverton train.

the Silverton train.

    I know I'm not going to take the perfect piture. After all, this is a tourist train. We're not back in 1889. Still, it's fun to imagine what it might have been like with all the boom and bussle. The little trains rattling along at 25 mph would have been speed demons!

the Silverton train.

lunch at the Black Bear

    The weather turned to light rain in Silverton. At least its not a down pour. At the last moment I had at least tossed my raincoat in the camera bag but nothing more. Glenn and others decided they needed to buy a windbreaker or something so we roamed around on the hunt. With that mission completed we went over to The Brown (or is it black?) Bear Saloon for a sandwich. We had asked a local where to eat and they had suggested it a few visits ago. Real old fashion saloon with lots of old photos on the walls and good eats.

large chunks of rich ore on display at the Silverton depot.

the Silverton train.

482 turning its train around for the return trip

the Silverton train.

the train ride back to Durango

the train ride back to Durango

JJ on the phone     JJ on the phone

JJ on the phone again!

    We ran down to the tradeshow to drop off the boxes and begin to set up the display. We'd tease them with just the base for the time being. We had important things to do in the morning.

    We helped Mike O'Connell with his set-up and then went downtown and found a bar and pizza.

    Tomorrow- more TRAINS! Sort of...


        WED. August 23, a Goose ride    

        THUR. August 24, we're here (in Red Mountain)    

        FRI. August 25, the show, San Juan Shops, dead time.    

        SAT. August 26, teardown, Aztec ruins and Chama    

        SUN. August 27, ride The Cumbres & Toltec    

        MON. August 28, Creede, Lake City, Crested Butte and Gunnison    

        TUE. August 29, Northern Nevada RR, Route 50    

        WED. August 30, N. Cal., DQ and home.    

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license plate.

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