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Sidewall of my Sn3 pilot model.

Sidewall of my S-scale pilot model


our camp site.

    Room with a view! Makes up for the one the morning before.

convention header.

        SUN. August 20, the better part of UTAH    

our camp site.

    See, good thing we didn't move on. This route would have been dangerous after nightfall. Wait till you see what's next!

sun hides behind a sandstone fin.

Sun-up in the canyons!

    No matter how many pictures I take of the canyons there are always a few more. After the switchbacks the trail heads southeast bumping along through the desert. Massive layered benches of sandstone direct our way. It's not a straight line. Sorry Glenn, no Starbucks here. You'll have to wait. I'm thinking if we time it right, or wrong, we can hit the restaurant at Bullfrog marina for a bite. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have less than half an hour wait for the 11 o'clock ferry. Ferry? In the desert? Well yeah, across Lake Powell. It's a 100 mile drive north and then sharp east if you don't.

    The Lake is down. Still way down from its full pool ten years ago. It took 17 years to fill the thing up, and just a handful to drop it to one third its capacity. Global warming, water management, mismanagement? I don't know. It will fill back up. It will dry away. Right now it's down 100 feet and at half pool.


the facilities are limited at the ferry landing.

a rich blue body of water set in the desert.

I was so tempted to dive in but I resisted and satisfied myself with a wade while we waited for the ferry.

road construction greets us at the other side .

    These guys act like they are surprised that a bunch of cars have arrived. The ferry only passes here every other hour. Sorry, we've only had a banana for breakfast.

colorful canyon lands of Utah

caught taking a picture of myself.

self portrait .

    I'm just happy to be in this place. I figured it was worth a picture. From Lake Powell the road heads northeast to Natural Bridges. We take a quick tour of the loop looking down at the bridges and walking down to Owachomo. Guess they used to call it Edwin Bridge.

a natural bridge in the white sandstone.

a natural bridge in the white sandstone.

a natural bridge in the white sandstone.

a natural bridge in the white sandstone.

Indian Ruins.

colorful sandstone canyons spread out in the distance.

The car looks pretty good in the Comb Wash.

    After a stop for a burger and fries at the Patio in Blanding it's time to get moving towards Durango. Sadly we leave the colorful canyons behind but set ourselves on new sites, the convention.

Days End hotel.

Well, it's a room. After three days in the car we really needed a hot shower.

    Our hotel was nothing special. Steve and I stayed here in 2000 and it's not been the same since. I thought the pool would be nice but we never had the time to jump in. We were excited that they had Hi-Fi service but we never found it to be working. After asking about it twice we gave up. Fortunately there was service at The Double Tree, the convention hotel, as well as at the fairgrounds where the trade show was held. After our showers, we headed down to the convention to check-in. I should have taken a picture of The Serious Texas Barbecue where we ate dinner. It was just what we needed.

    Tomorrow- TRAINS!


        TUE. August 22, a train ride to Silverton    

        WED. August 23, a Goose ride    

        THUR. August 24, we're here (in Red Mountain)    

        FRI. August 25, the show, San Juan Shops, dead time.    

        SAT. August 26, teardown, Aztec ruins and Chama    

        SUN. August 27, ride The Cumbres & Toltec    

        MON. August 28, Creede, Lake City, Crested Butte and Gunnison    

        TUE. August 29, Northern Nevada RR, Route 50    

        WED. August 30, N. Cal., DQ and home.    

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license plate.

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