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Sidewall of my Sn3 pilot model.

Sidewall of my S-scale pilot model


    Four hours is plenty of sleep. Let's see if I can remember to pack everything. Let's see, what am I forgetting?

speed 70, odometer is 92125, about 200 miles into the trip.

convention header.

        SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, departure    

    Finally, we are off and running. I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything. Glenn's in the car. Got my wallet. Car's full of more stuff than I need. Nice sunny morning. We take I-90 over Stampede Pass.

    I've been building a model of the Northern Pacific Hotel at Easton. I've always assumed the building is long gone recalling nothing like it near the tracks where I believe it was in past visits, though I never specifically looked. Well, here's my chance to take a look. We're a good hour and some into the trip and it's time to streatch our legs.

front view of an old battered but still stannding 2-story wood structure.

Wow, I can't believe it. That's it! Pretty beat up but that's definately it. You can see the old windows, boarded up and new ones, well, old new ones cut in.

left side view 2-story wood structure.

right side 2-story wood structure.

    That's so cool! Another canidate for our "seen better days" series of models. Take a look at the Scout building across the way. It's definately seen better days. Not the Pacific Beer signage underneath.

right side 2-story wood structure.

right side 2-story wood structure.

nose of GN snow plow.

    The rest of the day is pretty much driving. A straight shot across Washington state, well, a diagonal. Quick stop at Mac's for lunch in Yakima. Gas in Pendleton. We don't know why it was so had to find. Went all the way through town and had to come back. On to Boise. I think I remember Arby's for dinner. Nothing exciting.

Glenn's at the wheel.

Glenn takes a turn at the wheel. What stupid story can I bore him with? I know...

Seattle's Best coffee cup in the craddle

A photo out the window showing my camera in the rear view mirror.

We'll do anything to entertain ourselves.

A photo out the window showing Lime, Oregon.

Pretty boring country when you get excited about a lime plant. It's the only show in town.

    About 10 o'clock we start looking for a campground. I vaguely remember a "Grasslands" state park somewhere around the cut-off to Salt Lake but cannot find it on the map. We stop for gas and ask some of the locals. My gosh, you don't want to ask such questions to the folks working the late shift at way out of the way places like this. Everyone's got an opinion and no one really knows the answer. The best one was some biker's came throu looking for the same place a few weeks ago. They thought it was five or ten miles back. Back past the rodeo grounds that was just leaving out, Saturday night, cruzing with pick-up trucks. My story involved arriving to happily find this nice, simple campground on one of my trips. The highligh was the wildfire that I watched slowly grow as it rolled towards me. About the time I began to get concerned the local fire department arrived and put it out. It was an interesting show. I need to look that up in my log book and see where it actually was. We gave up and decided to try the national forest near the Utah boarder.

    Sublett, take this exit. At least it is paved, fopr a little while. Gravel road. Actually, that's good, means we're getting towards the national forest where hopefully we'll find a campsite or a place we can pull out for the night.

    Five miles out, six, seven... a no nothing road winding through the rolling desert scrub. Still fense and open range. A couple deer. Nothing invite us to stay the night. Finally there's a dirt dam which we cross and find a large parking area. Well, this isn't exactly what we had in mind. If we have to we'll come back. We follow the road along the half empty resevoir. Not real trees, just brush, some attempt to be large enough to be called trees. There's an occasional turnoff towards the water but seem too steep for a car, at least at night. At the end of the resevoir the road splits and a little ways up we decide this is no good and should turn back. One of those turnouts will have to do.

    It doesn't look too bad. We turn down and the headlights shine on a featureless scape. A stubble a grass, a few small roaks and some sticks. Welcome to paradise. A dusty lake bottom. Perfect. We don't need much.

    I don't even light the lantern. Flashlights will do. We're cowboy camping tonight. A large groundcloth, thing air matteraces, sleeping bags. I pull out a pillow. I love car camping.

    The best part is the moonless sky draped with the Milky Way. Bright enough to make sighting the constilations a chore. I squint my eyes to find them and search my mind for memory of their names and the stars within them. You don't get a show like this back home. Look what we are missing.

    It's a chilly night. Have I made a mistake bringing my old summer bag?

the sign for the Sublett campground.

This is the sign we'll see in the morning for the campsite. For some reason it faces the opposite direction and we missed it in the dark. We didn't miss much, the campsite is down in the bushes.


        SUN. August 20, the better part of UTAH    

        MON. August 21, check-in    

        TUE. August 22, a train ride to Silverton    

        WED. August 23, a Goose ride    

        THUR. August 24, we're here (in Red Mountain)    

        FRI. August 25, the show, San Juan Shops, dead time.    

        SAT. August 26, teardown, Aztec ruins and Chama    

        SUN. August 27, ride The Cumbres & Toltec    

        MON. August 28, Creede, Lake City, Crested Butte and Gunnison    

        TUE. August 29, Northern Nevada RR, Route 50    

        WED. August 30, N. Cal., DQ and home.    

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license plate.

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