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Sidewall of my Sn3 pilot model.

Sidewall of my S-scale pilot model


    I've been working all spring and now into summer on the O-scale roundhouse kits. The 26th National Narorw Guage Convention in Durango is my deadline, and with it just three weeks my siter and her family, and then my brother and his- are visiting in succession. Hey Clint, want to go to the Space Needle? Come on, we're going to the ocean. How about a ball game? To the mountains. Ivar's seafood resturant. Seattle Seafair. Hydroplanes and Blue Angles. Peco's barbeque. Another trip to the airport. It's a wonder I got anything done at all. Those visits are too important to miss.

my sister and dad

Garage party! Let's drink wine and watch Clint work.

considering the pieces.

Hand me the glue, would ja?

convention header.

        Getting Ready    

    Crunch time. Three weeks left... Two weeks... Down to days. I've been building the pilot/display model out in the garage. There's no room for this 4 x 4 foot monster anywhere else. Yet somehow the plan is to fit this thing into a car and take it 1500 miles to the convention is Colorado. No problem. We'll go down to Sears and buy a chainsaw if we have to.

    Actually, I was more gentle than that. I carefully planned and cut the base diagonally between the two middle stalls and bolted (screws and brackets) it back together. I definately do not recomend you do this to your model. It added a whole day to the construction and weakened the base a little bit.

the base folded and in the trunk

The base is folded and goes in first.

the rest of the stuff on top

Then the rest of the stuff goes on top.

    I'm scrambling around trying really hard to get pilot model completed before the convention. I'm working day and night the last few final days and start making mistakes. Nothing major but wasting hours or two and not doing the best job where I might. Finally I got the model to a point where I felt it was close enough to being done and would clearly demonstrate the qualities of the model I wanted to display. With a day left I began to tear the model down and pack it into the car. Let's see, what else do I need? Minimal camping gear, clothes, cameras, junk and crap. No, no junk and crap! It's much easier on a motorcycle. Less room, less stuff. Oh, and leave room for my friend Glenn and his stuff.

Glenn's stuff.

This will have to fit in the overhead bins...

Rosco the Cat

No, you are not going. You're too fat!



        SAT. August 19, we leave...    

        SUN. August 20, the better part of UTAH    

        MON. August 21, check-in    

        TUE. August 22, a train ride to Silverton    

        WED. August 23, a Goose ride    

        THUR. August 24, we're here (in Red Mountain)    

        FRI. August 25, the show, San Juan Shops, dead time.    

        SAT. August 26, teardown, Aztec ruins and Chama    

        SUN. August 27, ride The Cumbres & Toltec    

        MON. August 28, Creede, Lake City, Crested Butte and Gunnison    

        TUE. August 29, Northern Nevada RR, Route 50    

        WED. August 30, N. Cal., DQ and home.    

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license plate.

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